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Your Lawyer’s Job

*Note:  This is another contribution from my experienced attorney friend in Wyoming.  He writes this after working a case with a client who would not listen to him and got him yelled at by a judge.  FYI:  Attorneys do NOT like to have the judge yell at them.  In fact, the first rule of practicing law in court is DO NOT PISS OFF THE JUDGE. 🙂  Read this.  Believe it.  Adjust your behavior accordingly.

“Are you a bulldog?”  “That is to say, are you going to fight and not let go?”  “Are you going to make him/her pay for what he/she has done?”

Does your lawyer act like this? Not. Good.

My role as your attorney is as advocate and protector.  My job is stand up for you, polish the shiny parts, and fix up the dings and scratches.  Most of all, keep you from hurting yourself.  You are not paying me several hundred dollars an hour to be your hand puppet.

If you have any expectation that I, as your attorney, should conduct myself as a slobbering, aggressive, moron who will “do what you tell me to do”, then you should probably look else where for legal representation.  I cannot effectively represent you if you expect me to do whatever you want me to do.  Often times, what you “want” and what you “need” are diametrically opposed to one another.

Believe me, I understand the pain of your situation.  I’ve been there.  I have also stood before judges who, while biting their tongues and swallowing the blood as it runs down their throats, have sought to do “justice”.

This is usually accomplished by punishing the attorney/client who plays dirty, seeks revenge, or distorts the truth.  I will work as hard as I can to get you what you need – I will not spend my credibility trying to get you what you think you want.

I cannot count the number of times a client has wanted me to do something that, while not illegal, certainly would not advance their cause.  My reply is usually this – Go find yourself another attorney.  Very few have actually gone and hired another attorney.  Those who have – regret their decision.

So remember this the next time you see the attorney billboard with the shadow of a pit bull dog, or hear an advertisement where a dog is growling and barking in court:  Dogs growl and bark when they are afraid or not prepared to confront the situation before them.  The dogs you should be weary of are the ones wagging their tails and positioning themselves to take a hunk out of your posterior.

**If anyone is going to be a hand puppet, YOU should be your lawyer’s hand puppet.  Watch this clip.  Take note.

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