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There is Much to be Thankful for

Okay, so we're not actually related, but we can still help carry each other.

I volunteered tonight as an attorney at the Cache County Thursday Night at the Bar evening. Before anyone gets too excited, or calls DCFS about how I’m neglecting my children by hanging at the bar on a school night, this was not THAT kind of bar. The Cache County Bar Association hosts an evening every week (I believe) where people with legal questions can just show up and talk to an attorney about whatever their issue is. It’s free. It is NOT legal representation, just to be clear. The objective is to help people to represent themselves by pointing out to them where the self-help resources are, largely through the state courts website (see the link under Utah Links at the right of this page here.)

It was nice. I met other attorneys who were volunteering, and I got to point some regular folks to places online where they can find information to work through some of their own legal problems. It also made me grateful for my law school education–I may not have all the legal answers, but I have the skills, knowledge, and ability to find them, by and large. So as much as being a lawyer can be Heavy, and Depressing sometimes, I am very grateful that I can be. AND I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve others with it. That’s really the best part.

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