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As with all Good Things…

…Sometimes the seemingly “good things” DO come to an end.  As a divorce lawyer, I see this pretty regularly…like, every frickin’ day.

But this week has been particularly “special” for me.  It started out last Sunday with car trouble (check engine light–what is THAT supposed to mean??).  Then it progressed to Monday, with some pretty damn surprising and painful health problems, and then Tuesday, Feller & Wendt gave me the boot.  Domestic law isn’t terribly lucrative, see, and they expected me to make more money for them in the 9 months I was with them.  AND I should wrap up my domestic cases that came through them pdq.

It doesn’t work that way.  I have found that my domestic law clients are considerably less financially endowed than, say, insurance companies (who one sues when doing personal injury law).  AND they are considerably more emotionally attached to a case than a doctor who worked on a patient who is suing an insurance company.  AND they are considerably more personally invested than an insurance adjuster is.

And so it ever was.  And so it ever shall be.

This is a good change.  Working under pressure to make money in the line of work I am in (family law) is stressful.  Having someone breathe down my neck about not making enough money is extremely stressful, especially when I am dealing with clients whose stressors are more personal–like having time with their kids now and in the future.  My doctor said that my health problem was probably brought on in large part due to stress.  So having Less of that will definitely be a good thing.

All in all, Feller & Wendt has left me better than they found me.  They were a great home for a few months, and I thank them much for that.  Best of all–they didn’t steal from me, didn’t dump me on the street $12K in the hole, and are going to be my friends going forward.  Which is wonderful.  They are GREAT friends. 🙂

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