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And Now for Something Entirely Different…

The title of this blog is PTA Mom to Lady Lawyer (or How a Nice Girl Like Me Ended Up Being a Lawyer…).  You probably guessed from that title that I have not always been a lawyer, and that this was not my career path of choice from the beginning of time.  I’ve had many ask me over the past 5 or 6 years if I’d always wanted to be a lawyer, if I was excited about being a lawyer, what my goals are as a lawyer…  Honestly?

Yup, this could be me in a former life...just call me Marca Stewart.

Yup, this could be me in a former life…just call me Marca Stewart.

I never wanted to be a lawyer.  I wanted to be a mom.  I happen to be smarter than the Average Bear, however, and am pretty damn good at this family law thing.  But probably the reason I AM good at it is because I AM the quintessential Mom.  That’s what I do best.  I take care of people.  I provide emotional support.  I listen.  I advise.  I bring a big reality check, with a helping of Comfort.  You know, Mom things.

What I do as a lawyer stresses the hell out of me a lot of days.  I really really REALLY want to solve my clients’ problems for them.  I really want to make them feel better about where they are, and work through the reality of what their lives become through divorce, and gently remind them of the opportunities they have to make positive changes in their lives, however they need to (or are forced to).

Unfortunately, I can’t fix the facts.  Sometimes the facts on my client’s side suck.  Bad.  Nothing I can do about that.  So I do what your mom would do:  Damage Control.  Once you wreck the bike because you’re riding too fast downhill without your helmet, I can’t make the big goose egg on your head go away, but I can try and stop the bleeding, apply ice, and get you professional help if needed.  And even though I can’t actually take away the injury or prevent the scarring, you WILL know that you are cared for as a human being, and that I’m doing my best.

And that’s the biggest Mom thing about me, I guess:  I try very hard to do my best to help my clients in whatever way is appropriate.  From a professional standpoint, I have to do a lot of boundary setting for myself, just so I don’t go totally nuts trying to Mother all of my clients :).  And maybe someday, I’ll be able to go back to just doing what I do best:  Taking care of people.  Making soup and bread and cookies and pot roast and mashed potatoes and gravy.  Sewing curtains and tablecloths and Halloween costumes.  Feeding those I come in contact with, in a more literal sense.

This is more like me these days...My (mostly) teenaged sons are pretty good at hugging me and remembering I'm their Mom :)

This is more like me these days…My (mostly) teenaged sons are pretty good at hugging me and remembering I’m their Mom 🙂

In the meantime:  I’ll work on not telling my clients to blow their noses, pull up their pants, get a haircut, wear a sweater, and remember their backpacks when they head out from home :).  But I’ll probably still hug them on occasion.

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  1. Denny
    October 14, 2013 at 1:50 pm

    You’re the greatest Pretty Lady. Always good to hear about/from you. Cheers, Denny


    • October 14, 2013 at 2:05 pm

      Thanks, Denny….I always appreciate all the kind words and all the help I’ve gotten from you!


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