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And On to the Next Adventure!

As I mentioned before, I closed my private family law practice effective the end of December.  I’ve spent the past few months wrapping up cases, winding it all down… And three weeks ago, I actually got a job.  Like, a J-O-B.  With regular paydays, insurance, and everything!  I’m really excited about it.  I love the work, the people I work with are great, and that nasty emotional element that exists in family law is nowhere to be found.

...and they did!!

…and they did!!

I still find myself “practicing” family law a bit…Everyone has a story; everyone has been touched by domestic law in some way.  If not personally, then through family or friends. So I continue to stay updated and current with family law.  Call it a sick obsession.


In keeping updated, and in providing some insight to a coworker about aspects of alimony particularly, I found this gem that I hadn’t seen before in the statute (I’m thinking this is new).  This is located at U.C.A. 30-3-5(3):


“The court has continuing jurisdiction to make subsequent changes or new orders for the custody of the children and their support, maintenance, health, and dental care, and for distribution of the property and obligations for debts as is reasonable and necessary.” (emphasis added.)


Wait, what??  I need to do some more research, but this looks like NOTHING that’s in your divorce is actually set in stone.  Alimony law has taken a wide swing into the Land of Legal Fiction in the past couple of years, through the appellate court.  Will have to keep watching and see what happens with this little bit of the law…if anything.

Maybe all our divorces are as stable as a house built on sand....?  Stay Tuned.

Maybe all our divorces are as stable as a house built on sand….? Stay Tuned.


(And more on alimony in a separate post…)


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