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I was made aware tonight that I need to add some links to resources for those who find themselves on the “low income” end of life either during or after a divorce.  Divorces can be financially devastating, besides being an emotional beating, and there ARE some places you can turn to for help.

Utah Department of Workforce Services has resources for housing help, help paying utility bills, help buying groceries, help with medical expenses, and help finding work.  My experience with DWS has been quite positive (who knew a lawyer would ever need foodstamps??)  They were considerate, kind, and pointed me in the direction of the resources I qualified for.  And honestly, knowing that I wouldn’t have to worry about how I’d feed my kids when they were with me was a HUGE load off of my mind.  Swallow your pride.  Do what you need to do, and remember:  This is Temporary.

Utah Domestic Violence Coalition offers links/information regarding temporary housing for victims of domestic abuse in the state of Utah who need to LEAVE their current living circumstances immediately for their own safety.  But beyond just providing housing, local shelters also have information regarding resources for housing help, help getting money to pay for schooling to improve your job skills, and counseling, if you need it (and we DO need it sometimes to get our heads back on straight and give us confidence to move forward).  Abuse is not just physical (welcome to my world.)  And the emotional toll it takes can be devastating.  Use the resources that are there.  Put yourself in a position to help yourself.

If you don’t want to go into a shelter to get housing information, in Cache Valley/northern Utah check out Bear River Association of Governments housing assistance (BRAG) for help getting into more affordable housing.  There are waiting lists, but don’t be scared by that.  Be proactive; it can only help.

In the Cache Valley area, Bear River Health can provide immunizations and other health tests for a significantly reduced cost (or free, if you qualify).  Check them out if your kids need pre-K shots, or for basic wellness help.  Just about every area of the country offers health department aid to low income folks (I utilized Idaho’s District 7 Health Department for a significantly reduced rate well-woman check when I was living in southeast Idaho with my folks, was making very little money, and had no insurance.)

For assistance with food, contact the Cache County Food Pantry.  Or to donate.  Life is a lot easier to handle if your and your family’s basic needs are met.

This is not the End All, Be All of lists for finding help after/during a divorce.  If you have information regarding other agencies/organizations that assist people who are going through hard times please let me know.  Put links or names in the Comments section, and I’ll get them added.

And finally:  I don’t know how long it will take until your situation improves.  Mine has been so-so….It’s gotten much better recently :).  But we’re talking about a DECADE out from my divorce.  It’s still a struggle, in part because I’m still kind of emotionally bruised.  But remember this:  Once you’ve pulled yourself up, even if just a little, turn around and HELP another.  Even if it’s just by pointing them to this little blog posting with links to places help can be found.  Or just by providing a little emotional/moral support when another is feeling like she/he is being beaten to pieces.


You Can Do It!!

You Can Do It!!

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