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It’s My Anniversary :)

…No, not my wedding anniversary.  Or my Divorcesary.  Or the anniversaries of my birth, or graduation from law school, or any of those more Normal things.  Today is my ICON anniversary.

One year ago today I started my job in the legal department at ICON Health & Fitness, Inc., here in Logan, Utah.  I cannot express the difference this change has made in my life.  I work with good people.  I like my job.  I like having the stability of dependable income and health insurance.  I like not having my work follow me home, too.  (And Paid Vacation!!! Who knew you could get paid for Not Working???!!)

One year ago today I thought I was done with family law.  But ya know, family law is not done with me ;).  I have continued doing consulting for others–co-workers, friends, friends of friends…and it’s Very Good.  See, I spent a helluva lot of time living in Scary Miserable Divorce-Land, then spent a helluva lot of time, energy and money going through my legal education (which includes my time practicing law–THAT was an education.)  I kinda felt like I was giving up.  And it’s not that I could’ve continued practicing family law.  I actually had to have the court release me from a case, in a hearing for that case, 2 weeks before the trial was supposed to happen, because I was such a mental wreck that I couldn’t competently represent my clients.  That was pretty f***ing bad. crazy

Happily, this year has given me a chance to pull myself together again (mostly 😉 ).  It’s given me the opportunity to still help people in hard places without having my livelihood depend on it.  I’ve been able to offer support to others through my expertise and experience in family law–without it leading to a nervous breakdown.  And it’s also given me a chance to learn new things about the law, in different areas of the law. Which I feel makes me a better employee, but also a better lawyer.

So Happy ICON Anniversary to me!!  And THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to the legal department here at ICON for giving me the chance to do a job that I desperately needed, without thinking that I was “over-qualified.”  I will be forever grateful. 🙂


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