Mean–To the Bullies

You know who I’m talking about.  The parents who use their kids as leverage against the other, taking hostages, stabbing at the place they can do the most damage.  Or you, the abusive spouse who lies to the other and threatens and bullies, all to maintain power and control.  Or you, The Perfect Mother, who uses the child support money dad sends to buy cigs, alcohol, nails, and hair.  Or YOU, the manipulative, hateful narcissist, who does your best to make the other feel like they must be insane, lying to the whole world, trying to make yourself look Perfect and your spouse like the devil himself.  I’m talking to YOU.

You’re mean.  Just. Plain. Mean.  And Karma’s gonna come for you… and she’s only a bitch if you are.  So maybe you should check yourself, stop being horrible, and get on with finding your own happiness–which will not come from being Mean.


Sing it, Taylor…


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