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More Help: Low Income Housing

I was contacted by a former client yesterday.  She is having to move from her current residence because the owner of the house has sold it.  She was absolutely panicked–like a lot of people after a divorce, her income is quite limited, and she was desperately trying to find somewhere to rent that she could afford.  Part of her problem has to do with damage her credit sustained following her divorce; the ex got the house, but fell behind on payments, and it’s destroyed her credit rating.  Anymore it’s hard to get a landlord to rent to you if your credit sucks (ask me how I know this 😦 )

affordable housing

Affordable housing…Is it a myth, or does it really just look like this?

What she wanted to know was where to go for help with housing, for those with lower incomes.  So I did some research for her, and determined that some of my other readers might need that information as well.  I am being a little lazy in this post, and have just copied and pasted my Google search results in Idaho and Utah at the bottom of this posting, but will put some specific links to housing help in my links (on the right side of the page).

This is my Google search for Idaho:


…and this is for Utah:


Some areas have more resources that others.  That’s just the nature of the beast. Much of this is self-explanatory; I can’t give you legal advice in Idaho anyway, but I don’t have the expertise in either Idaho or Utah to really help with the process of getting assistance.  However, I am happy to point you to resources if you can’t find them. Or if you just need a bit of a pep talk, I can do that, too. 🙂

Good luck, take deep breaths, this too shall pass… You’ve got this. 😉

little house white picket fence

Because we’re all hoping for a little bit of our own American Dream.



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