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July 21, 2012…From my FB Archive

It used to be that on Facebook people wrote “Notes”–it was a little space to write an article or whatever and post it to your wall.  You can still do this, but it’s fallen out of vogue, if you will… I was going through my Notes this afternoon, and decided that they’d be good to post here.  After all, this blog is about How A Nice Girl Like Me Became a Lawyer.  And these old Notes tell more of the tale.  I’ll post more of them as time passes.  I start at the oldest one I can find.  So, without further ado...Ted

On Being a Superhero

So today was interesting…I got a call from the attorney who represented my ex in my divorce, and he invited me to go to lunch with him and most of the rest of the firm he’s with.  Just to talk about “a few things.”  What they wanted to talk about was getting me to go work for them and do all THEIR domestic law cases.  Which is flattering, but my current position is perfect for me in terms of work hours/flexibility/etc.

I was thinking about this Thing that my life has become as I drove back to my office after lunch.  If I had had a lawyer, I would not be one now.  And I am a good lawyer.  This firm in Logan is the 2nd one to try and hire me away since I started working with Feller & Wendt.  I have a good reputation with the judiciary here in northern Utah, and my clients like me and appreciate the work I do for them, and how I treat them.  And then I thought of Peter Parker, and all the other Superheroes who were just regular people until something terrible happened to them.  Peter Parker was bitten by a spider, and it destroyed his life as he knew it.  No more close friends, always having to carry a secret around with him, but he became Spiderman.  Pretty cool to have superhuman powers, right?  Oh, except that part where he can’t really enjoy life like a normal person, ever again.  “With great power comes great responsibility.”  Would Peter Parker change back to Normal if he could?  I’d be willing to bet he would.  I’m not Spiderman, but maybe I’m Super Divorce Lawyer–I had a horrible thing happen to me that changed my entire life, and now I’ve gained such a unique perspective on divorce and all the emotional havoc that accompanies it that I’ve become something different than I was before.  Sadly, I can’t really have the normal life anymore because of it.  I just have all the Great Responsibility.

Hopefully now, someday, all the good I can do outweighs having the Normal yanked out of my life.

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